Thursday, November 3, 2011

Entry #002

After searching through some pages of my E-Mail I stumbled upon this old thing. I'm surprised how long it's been since then. Might as well update some of my information and start writing again. Well, I didn't actually write much (one post). I wonder if anyone actually found this page in the last- 2 years? About so.

I decided to ride my bike to school today, something I don't do often. The reason is because I'm an extremely weak person, underweight about 10 pounds. People often pester me because of this and I usually am beat up for this. I really hate going to school, everyone is just so. . . Judgmental. I would get weird looks and get ridiculed for reading while everyone is "chilling".

After I locked my bike to the rack, I went to my first period class- English. I like English because it's the easiest class to me. I can probably write the answers to the questions in my sleep. So I site down in my seat in the back of the class and turn on my Walkman. My mom is very poor so I can't afford an iPod, that's why I use a CD player. The CD I was listening to was just one I burned off the computer Anime Openings Disk 1, It's a personal collection of some of my favorite music from anime (Japanese Animation).

As I was listening to Puzzle from NHK ni Youkoso! my friend Kris pulled his seat over to me. He's one of the only guys I talk to, mainly because nobody else dares to approach me. He asked me if I saw the newest episode of Mirai Nikki (He's an otaku as well), I replied no and proceeded to ask him what chapters it covered.

After 4th period I headed over to the lunchroom. Today was nachos, I didn't really like nachos that much. I sat down to my usual seat and began eating. Soon after Kris and my other friend Nelson came over. They brought their Yu-Gi-Oh! cards today, one of our favorite games. I pulled out my Grave keepers deck and dueled Kris with his Crystal Beasts deck. It's always fun playing because Nelson would have something funny to say in his "Announcer" voice. He always had the best voices.

Classes ended and I rode back home. On the way I nearly crashed into a tree because some delinquents began to bully me again. It's always the same with those guys. So I arrived home in one piece (thank god) and hopped on my computer. Remembering what Kris told me I watched Mirai Nikki. Another good episode. God, Yuno is so hot, I would so bang her if she lived my world. Girls in the 2 dimensional world are so much more attractive than girls at my school. After browsing the internet and posting on the usual forums I did my homework and took a nap.

Mood: Tired